Wednesday 27 April 2011

Easter Time Flower Arrangement

Rita, also known as the 'Lady Gardener', came and helped us make a beautiful Easter decoration using a branch on which to hang eggs, chicks and other Easter things. She also came back to do small decorations and button-holes for the Royal Wedding and perhaps more importantly George and Edith's 68th wedding anniversary on Friday 29th.

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Making the Simnel Cake

Making a traditional simnel cake for Easter has been a lot of fun, what with the mixing and then the decorating. The end product was quite spectacular.

Sunday 3 April 2011

On the Ball City!

Inspired by Dick knowing all the words to 'On the Ball City' David organised a boys ride out to Carrow Road to see Norwich play Scunthorpe. Pearl kindly made us some sandwiches which we ate in the car park before finding our seats, Larry and Tim enjoying a trip on a golf buggy to the stadium. Gordon and Duncan had seats near the top of the stand with everyone else right next to the pitch. This was great in the first half with Norwich attacking our end as they were dominant throughout but in the second half they were mostly down the other end. David suggests that the 6-0 score means we must bring luck and have to attend every home match in future! Our thoughts were with Walter, who would have loved to come but was too poorly.

Lambs Ride Out

We took the bus to see the lambs at Lin and John O'Dell's farm at Tattersett. Mary (carer) came with us. She had helped the O'Dells with lambing in a previous year and so was able to help Lin bring some lambs into the bus for us to cuddle. Pip the sheepdog came too to keep an eye on her charges.

We had intended to have a potter about the country lanes on the way home but someone suggested we go to Hunstanton and the vote was fairly unanimous (sorry Olive!). It was a bright and very breezy day and the wind was blowing clouds of dust across the road which somehow made it a bit more of an adventure. We parked right on the front at Hunstanton and it was deserted. The tide was high with the waves crashing in and the sun was reflecting off the water and I think Dick summed it up when he said ' It makes you glad to be alive'. The only slight downswide was the ice cream kiosk was closed.....