Wednesday 27 November 2013

Gwendolin's Birthday

It was Gwendolin's birthday but she really wasn't in the mood for any fuss so she sat quietly in the cottage lounge with Jack and Rose. She could hear us singing Happy Birthday in the distance though. Michael and Helen came to entertain and did their usual professional job of lots of old favourites that we could sing and dance along to.

Carolina and Joan F

Herbert and daughter Julie

Mary M

Micheal and friend

Renee, Tessa, Michael and friend, Mary M

Ellen gets serenaded.

Arts and Crafts with Vicky

Vicky got the paints out and two of our talented artists Renee and Mary C got busy.

Mary C

John and Mick C look on.

Renee Tessa and Ada

Making Mince meat for Mince Pies

We're going to have some really good mince pies this Christmas as we've made the filling ourselves with lots of lovely aromatic ingredients. 

Mind  your nice suit David

Enid Donna and Mary C chopping

Gwen chopping and David stirring

Mary M and Tessa zesting

Mick C  having a stir

Thursday 21 November 2013

Mick's Birthday

Kenny Jobz, alias Black Stetson, came to play for Mick's birthday. As you can probably guess from the name, he plays Country and Western. Heather (movement to music) had left us her plastic stetsons to help us get in the mood. They are fun but very hot.

Happy Birthday Mick!

Heather, Mick C Tessa and Donna

Herbert with his Granddaughter  Jessica and daughter Christine

John (Wayne?)

Iris and Tim

Judy and Mick

Mary M and Renee

Mary P and Trevor

Sandy Josie Cake Mick and Judy

Tim and Ada

Movement To Music

Thursdays come around so quickly it seems only yesterday that we had Movement to music with Heather. Apart from the usual musical activities Heather got out some bats, balls and shuttlecocks. The sand dance was performed by Donna....

Donna does the sand dance

Mick C hits the ball

Renee and Mick C in action

Tessa and Enid in action

Hey Mr and Mrs tambourine man play a song for me

Christmas Pudding

Last week we made the cake and this week we got on to the Christmas pudding. Ellen's old friend Winnie has come to stay and they shared a joke together. Everyone had a stir and made a wish.

John has stir.

Mary C weighing

Tessa has a stir.

Winnie and Ellen share a joke

Winnie and Ellen get stirring

Winnie gets busy

Iris's Birthday

It was Iris's birthday on Sunday and our favourite Elvis look - a - likey came to entertain. Happy Birthday Iris.

Bill and Mary Cross Ada and Elvis

Elvis Mary M, Iris, Gill and Howard

Elvis and Gill

Iris and Elvis

Iris Gill cake and Sandy

Mick W.

Friday 15 November 2013

Friday Club

This week Jo brought some maps along so we could see where everyone had lived, worked and travelled. We started off with the World map and then we got down to Europe, then England, then Norfolk, all the way to Fakenham town. We wondered how local places like the Snorings and Kettlestone got their names.

Mary and Iris

Renee and Jo looking at the map.

Movement to Music

Movement to music goes from strength to strength with lots of participation, enthusiasm and laughs.


Doreen in action

Ellen hits the mark.

One down 9 to go. Gill, Iris and Ada

Mick in action

Enid, John with Heather and Renee competing at bobbing up and down.

Renee having a laugh.