Sunday 18 September 2016

On the Wild Side

Simon Rouse from Norfolk Wild Encounters brought a selection of his wonderful owls and birds of prey. It was a hot day so we sat outside which was just as well as the birds left their calling cards on the rubber crumb. We could get really close to the birds and he explained a bit about each one.

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Simon, Greta, Karen and Charlie the barn owl.

Gwyneth and friend.

John and Friend

Magda, Chris and friend.

Mary C and friend

Mary M and friend

Patricia, Meg and Friend

Phyllis and friend

Renee and friend

Saturday 10 September 2016

Bread Baking

Peggy had thought of making bread in chat club. It was fun to do and turned out very tasty. It went down well with soup at supper time.
Donna and Greta

Donna and Joe

Magda, Chris and Gwyneth.

Ian and Renee

Patricia and Julia

Chat Club does veg

Donna raided Tim's plot to bring in some fine examples fruit and veg to talk about. The weather was good so we went out in the garden. 

Later on Tim's sister visited with her pyrenean  mountain dog Mawu. Mawu looks more like a polar bear than a dog but she is a big softy and really enjoys a fuss.

Greta and Magda

Gwyneth and Chris

John and Derrick

Magda, Ian and produce

Terri and Joe trying a bean.
Mawu and Gwyneth

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Happy Birthday Renee

Renee's Birthday was a big one (90) and Elvis did the entertainment honours. Renee's granddaughter and great grandchildren joined the party from Dubai via skype on David's phone

Happy Birthday Renee.

Gaynor and Chris

David and Glenda

Elvis and Anabella

Elvis and Renee

Gaynor and Bill

Greta and Tim

Magda holds on tight

Meg and Jane

Mick and Jane

Cheers Chris

Emma and Poppy

Renee cake and Gaynor

Renee and Greta

Renee talking to her great grandchildren in Dubai on David's phone.

Elvis and admirers.

Ian, Renee, Elvis, Gwyneth and Magda

Happy Birthdays

We've recently had Greta's and Joan F's Birthdays. Greta didn't want any fuss but the brilliant Banjoman (Sean Moyses) came to entertain for Joan's birthday. Norman made sure he got a front row seat for that one.

Happy Birthday Greta and Joan.

Norman and the Banjoman 

Joan and Janice

Norman in full voice.