Monday 21 May 2012

Jubilee Crowns

Vicky came in and got us organised making and painting Jubilee crowns. We're not sure exactly when we're going to wear them over the Jubilee weekend but we'll find a time.

The Sound Of Music

We took the bus to see the Sound of Music at the community centre. We hadn't anticipated a big demand and had only got 10 tickets but needed a few more so Donna rushed off to get them while we were getting on the bus. The show was really very good and with all the old songs. Renee particularly enjoyed it, having been a leading member of the group in the past. The few photos we took were of us in the audience before the show and didn't come out too well so nothing worth posting. We had a slight detour up Greenway Lane on the way home as a member of the public thought that the bus was on Age Concern duty and asked for a ride home. Thank you to everyone who came and helped.

Not Just for the Ladies

Rita came to see us to do some flower arranging. Reg, Mick and Dick had a go and gave the ladies a run for their money!