Thursday 29 August 2013

Woodspring Walkers and Market Day

Woodspring Walkers once again made good use of the beautiful late summer weather for our walk round the market. A cuddly horse that neighed kept us all amused and a glove puppet, a whistling kettle and Ellen's pork pies all ended up on the shopping list.
Barbara and Glove Puppet

Mary Donna Iris and neighing horse

Iris and Puppet

John meets a furry friend

John meets Kasi and her nephews and neice

Ready for the off

At the fleamarket

Music for Health

Wendy Mears came to do her monthly Music for Health session. It's a mixture of seated exercises to a wide variety of music using various props and tambourines etc and a sing-a-long. Her enthusiasm really shines through and  it's surprising just how much noise you can make with a few plastic plates as cymbals.
John Wendy and Mary

Iris Mary Renee John and Wendy in action

Up Town

We've been trying to get Barbara outside for ages and now after yesterday's walk out she has a taste for it. Mary came too and we just got as far as Honey's on Millers Walk for some light refreshment and just sitting in the sun watching the people go by. Kayleigh and Nickki and their children stopped to say hello.
Barbara Luke and Mary

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Joan F's Birthday

Class Act lived up to their name when they came to entertain for Joan F's birthday. Not only are they very good singers with a great repertoire, they are also very good at getting everyone to join in with singing and percussion instruments. Lots of fun.

Ada singing, Mary M and Jenny W

Class Act in full flow.

Ellen and John

George being serenaded with Janice looking on

Janice Joan Cake and Pearl

Joan George and Janice (Joan's Daughter)

Mary Singing

Mick Singing

Renee and Enid

Popping into town

Hilary wanted to get some more makeup so we had a mini outing to keep her
company. Whilst she did her shopping Ellen and Barbara sampled the perfumes.

Saturday 24 August 2013

Fakenham Carnival

We had an early lunch so we would be ready for the carnival procession to come past the car park. This year's theme (after last year) was sensibly umbrellas and wellies. Vicky had done a wonderful job of decorating some umbrellas for us. After the procession we went up to the Millenium park to enjoy the sights and sounds of the fair and stalls. Renee met her sister Di and of course Ellen and John met lots of people who knew them too. We all had a go at Splat the Rat but failed.
 Luckily we didn't need the umbrellas after all. Rather a lot of photos...
Ellen and Lauren

Ellen tries to Splat the Rat

Nice Umbrella Ellen

Enid bonds with a dalmatian

Enid tries to splat. (Just Missed)

Nicki, Enid, Nicki's dog and Donna

Waiting for the procession - Thankyou Hilary (in the background).....!

Donna Iris and Sandy

John with umbrella and friend Tommy

Mary, Heather and John on the way home


Renee and sister Di

Renee tries to Splat the rat.

The Team with Pink heart umbrella

Waiting for the procession

Friday Club

Jo came to do her weekly session and as well as the usual orientation questions, what's in the papers etc, she brought along some reminiscence materials including a 45 single and a cricket bat. Renee was keen to have a bowl..
Iris and Renee

Thursday 22 August 2013

Hilary's Birthday

Hilary's birthday was great fun with sixties music and lots of dancers. Pearl had a bit of a creative moment decorating the cake!
Ellen and John

Renee Iris Hilary and Jenny strutting their stuff

Heather Renee Cake and Hilary

Happy Birthday Hilary

Woodspring Walkers

Movement to music Heather is away so we took advantage of the nice weather to potter round the market. We met a Scottish Deerhound called Callie on Cattlemarket Street and then spent quite a while on the fleamarket examining all the interesting bygones. Mary M. spotted some ceramic jars which were just like the ones her Mum used for preserving things in so we bought them for future reminiscences. Next stop was Papworth's Butchers on Millers Walk, where Ellen has an admirer who gives her pork pies. Unfortunately he wasn't there but we bought a couple for tea anyway. Meanwhile, outside John was getting friendly with a larger than life butcher. We bumped in to lots of Ellen's family which was great for her and then had a break and cup of tea at Honey's where John's daughter and grandaughter work. Between John and Ellen it is impossible to go anywhere in Fakenham without meeting someone they know. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we think we will make it a regular outing, weather permitting.

Billie, Callie and Joan

Ellen, Mary, John, Sue, Joan and Luke in the background

John meets the butcher

John and his grandaughter at Honey's

Mary C and Mary M. at Honey's

Mary Sue and Iris

Iris Shona Mary C and Mary M and John

The Crew and Callie the Deerhound

Saturday 17 August 2013

David in a Suit

Whilst not really news it is David's son's wedding and he came to show us a new look. 
David, Mary, Enid and John

Jo Baldwin and Friday Club (CST)

Jo Baldwin came for her regular Friday club and Cognitve Stimulation Therapy.

Renee and John discuss the papers