Monday 25 April 2016

The Queen's 90th Birthday

North Norfolk Council put on a Queen's 90th Birthday tea party at Swanton Novers village hall. It was open to anyone over 85 and we made the trip. Apart from the tea there was plenty of flag waving and music and a Max Miller impersonator doing jokes. Thanks to NNDC and everyone who came and helped.

A slightly ghostly queen, Derrick and Terri

Donna and Gaynor

Mary C

Joe and Peggy

Magda, Chris and Ian


Team 2

A Photo op with the Queen

Happy Birthday Joyce

Sean Moyses the 'Banjo Man' came to entertain for Joyce's Birthday. He is an amazing musician and Norman, our resident music man, is always very impressed by his playing. Quite apart from the musical skill he also plays popular songs you can sing along to and dance to. 

Happy Birthday Joyce.

Gaynor, Joyce and cake

Renee and Sean in full voice



Friday Club, AKA Natterjacks got out the maps. Lots of the residents had travelled at various times, even if it was just around Britain. Renee had spent time in Singapore and Gwyneth had spent many years in New Zealand.  

Gwyneth shows Renee where she lived in New Zealand

Chat Club does Sewing

Joan M. used to be a needlework teacher and was very much at home with the sewing machine.Knowing different types of stitches, making your own clothes and mending them was very much the done thing.
The sewing machine is a beautiful machine but it's not a Singer, which is the name everyone knew.

Derrick gets his sleeves rolled up.

Joan M. 

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Arts and Crafts with Victoria

Arts and crafts with Victoria is always a popular thing to do. 

Chris, Kirsty, Ian and Renee