Friday 28 November 2014

Gwendolin's Birthday

Gwendoline's the 4th person to have a birthday this month.  Class Act came and did the honours and got the party going. Happy Birthday Gwenoline!
Rosa, Andy and Iris


Derrick and Emma

Derrick getting serenaded and Magda

George Getting serenaded

Ian and Gwen

Jack and Gwendoline


Magda, Gwen and Gaynor

Mary M

Pearl, cake, Gwendoline and Rose

Patricia joins the band

Rosa and Andy

Mick W Birthday

Paul Martin came to entertain for Mick's birthday. He played Country and Western as that's what Mick likes and the stetsons came out to get us in the mood. Happy Birthday Mick!

Edna and Barry




Joan and Janice

Mary C

Mary M

Mick and Judy

Howdy Partner

Pauli n action

Rosa and Andy

Thursday 27 November 2014

Garlic Theatre presents Shoe Kangaroo and the Big Bad Boot

Garlic Theatre came with an amazing puppet show. They travel all over Britain and the World with their show. The puppets were all made out of shoes. Their flyer says 'Truly Funny and Captivating ...a holy fool of a performer' and it's not wrong! Very clever though.

Admiring Puppets

Kangaroo Shoe

Mary C meeting a shoe puppet.

The Big Bad Boot

John Harris

Next time John comes to play the piano will be carols on Christmas Eve. (Now where did we put the Carol Sheets?). We avoided any Christmas songs this time and enjoyed a wide variety of old favourites. John had also learned a bit of Chopin for Magda.

Iris and Patricia


Renee  singing along and Magda

Decorating the Christmas Cake

We've been busy marzipanning and icing the cake and we've also made some very some very impressive marzipan fruits.

Impressive Fruit

Derrick and Donna


Making the decorations


Gwen's Marzipan Man

Iris and Ada

Krystoff and Patricia

Movement to Music

Glenda joined mother Renee for movement to music.

Tuesday 18 November 2014

Happy Birthday Iris

Last year for Iris' Birthday we had an Elvis look - alike. This year we had Jayne Martyn as ABBA. She has a very good voice and dressed up in the glamour gear too. It was great fun and good for dancing and singing along too.

Iris, Magda, cake and Pearl
Nora and Mick

Iris and Magda

Jayne Martyn

Joan and Janice

Mary C and Emma

Gwen and Howard

Gill, Iris and Magda

Gill, Howard, Nora, Iris

George, John and Herbert

Dancers in action

Patricia and Mary M

Angela and Poppy

Andy and Jayne