Saturday 23 January 2016

Burns Night

Piper Richard was back for the second time in a month, this time to pipe in the haggis and recite the ode to the haggis. He also did the honours and plunged the knife into it.

Peggy and Joe came for lunch and very kindly brought a bottle of something special for those that fancied a wee dram.

We have Ian Mcleod as our resident of Scottish descent and Magda and Joyce have lived there too.

Piping in the Haggis 

Cutting into the haggis

Ian and Richard

Richard in action

Slightly scary!

Movement To Music

Heather brought her daughter Rachael and her new baby Arthur to movement to music, not to forget Heather's granddaughter Edith who comes quite often to join in. Smiles and coos all round.

Edith does all the work

Gwyneth and Arthur

Rosa and Arthur

Happy Birthday Ian

Razz and Aunty Pearl came and entertained for Ian's birthday. Razz always brings a smile to peoples faces and makes sure that no one can be too dignified, just for a while. Happy Birthday Ian

Gaynor Ian and Cake

Aunty Pearl, Razz, Gaynor, Reg and John

Ian, Pearl Chris and Razz

Pearl gets a new hat

Razz looking for a fight

New Year's Eve

New Year's eve seems a bit distant now we are already well through January and lots has happened since...

Ken and his wife Jane came to entertain and Richard the piper made a special appearance to pipe in the New Year. A rousing Auld Lang Syne finished off proceedings.

Auld Lang Syne 


Jane and Ellen



Piper Richard

Friday 1 January 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas day can often be a relatively quiet day but for some reason this year we had lots of visitors during the morning. The mayor started the ball rolling and came as an elf which was a nice surprise. Things were so busy that lunch was a bit later than usual but it was worth waiting for. A special thanks to all the staff that helped make it a special day. Heather did the honours with the presents.

Heather and Ada

Andy and Heather

Peter and Barbara

Bill folding napkins and Meg

The cottage dining room diners

Ellen's family and Ellen

Jack, Gwendolin and Rose

Heather, Gwyneth and Libbie

Heather and Joan S

Heather and Mary C

Heather and Patricia

Janice and Joan F

Derrick, Don, Janice and Joan

Joan s and Jan


Mary M

The Mayor, Renee, Ian and Gwyneth

Heather and Mick C

Norman and  Heather

Gwen and Paul showing off his new knickers.

Renee and Ian

Setting the tables

Woodspring Warblers

Organised by Victoria and Heather the choir has been practising their favourite Christmas songs and carols. Tim's sister Amanda has been coming in to play the piano for the rehearsals and for the performance on the 23rd was joined by her daughter Zoe and Mother Pin.

On Christmas Eve John Harris came as usual and played for our Carols. Ken came to help strengthen the vocals and afterwards Father Christmas (who can it be?)  put in an appearance and distributed Secret Santa presents that the staff had bought for the residents. 

Amanda, Zoe, Victoria and June

Part of the Choir

Santa, Derrick and where did you get that hat?

OK who's the joker? Pearl?

Santa and Gwyneth

Santa and Joan

Mick C