Wednesday 25 September 2013

Music for Health

After a morning of arts and crafts with Vicky, Wendy came for her monthly Movement for Health session in the afternoon. It was well attended and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious.

Ellen, Renne and Mary

Wendy and her crew.

The Steam Train to Sheringham

We've been on our long anticipated ride on the North Norfolk Railway from Holt to Sheringham and back. We left with plenty of time and even managed an emergency pit-stop at Holt's public conveniences on the way to the station and our waiting train. Mary C's husband came along for the day and could remember the last time he traveled on the line was during the war and he was on the way to a posting at West Runton. It also brought back lots of memories for Mary M as she recalled her and a whole gang of girls going to work in the cotton mill by train, soon after they left school.

We had a fish and chip lunch at Sheringham Station and then made use of the Ladies waiting room until our return train left at 3pm. 

The weather was mild enough for the time of year although a bit of sunshine would have been welcome.

Many thanks to everyone that helped and the railway staff that made it such an enjoyable outing.

Bill C and the Stationmaster at Holt

John shows the result of a blueberry sweet.

Heather, Enid, Renee and John 

Heather Mick and Nas

Hilary, Stationmaster and David

Iris and Enid (and everyone else) waiting for the off.

Iris Heather and Enid

Bill and John

Mary C and husband Bill

Enid, Hilary and Renee on board.

Our Locomotive.

Waiting for the train at Holt.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Ken Entertains

Ken came with his guitar for his weekly music session. He had some competition / assistance with the vocals from David.
Ken and David

Chat Club cooks buns

Donna got the ingredients together and assisted by Mandy soon had everyone sifting, cracking eggs, creaming the mixture and then getting it into bun cases. Once they were all cooked a dollop of icing on top finished the job and they went down very well with afternoon tea.

Too many cooks?

Mary C

Mary C Mary M and Ada



Monday 16 September 2013

Mrs Carter's Back

Our monthly piano sessions with Mrs Carter are back on after she had a break to repair a broken wrist. David, who is staying for a short while, burst into song with Molly Malone. He has a very good voice and it livened up our usual quiet listening. It is good to hear the piano played again.

Friday 13 September 2013

Woodspring Ramblers

Another Thursday and another walk round the market. There was a hint of autumn in the air so we did add a layer but it was still very pleasant in the sunshine. For a change we went round the main market and investigated the fruit and veg, flowers and other items that make up the traditional market. We stopped for a while a listened to a friend of Malachi busking with his saxophone. Instead of Honey's for refreshment we popped in to the church for a cup of tea and cake and biscuits. Ellen had a special helper to assist her down the ramp.Thanks to Sue who came in to help and Heather.

Reverend Bell assisting Ellen

Ellen checks out the fruit and veg.

Sue and Heather Inspect a Durian? fruit

Listening to the busker


A cup of tea in the church

Saturday 7 September 2013

Renee's Birthday

We'd seen Malachi busking on the market in the heat of the day but he still had plenty of energy to get Renee's party going and got his audience to participate too.
Renee Di and Malachi

Renee Glenda and cake

Malachi came back on Friday too to continue with the music making.

Another Sunny Market Day

It took a bit of getting out the door but once we did we had a great time on Thursday, browsing among the bric-a brac. Instead of doing Movement to Music, Heather came and helped push a chair. A china doll caught Mary M's eye and Edna bought a very cute dog that does tricks. We had a rest on Millers Walk and put him on the pavement to perform and he kept us, as well as passers-by , entertained for a while. Ellen got her weekly pork pie at Papworths butchers and we bought some more for tea.


Ellen meets Charlotte (former carer) and her baby

Edna and her dog.

Georgie and Enid

Heather Iris Edna and dog.

John, Shona Mary and her doll and Joan F

A rest on Millers Walk

Thursday 5 September 2013

School Days

The imminent return for the school children provided a good subject for chat club. Renee could remember having to stand outside the classroom if she was naughty. Very appropriately Iris's daughter Jill was visiting as she is a teacher and had some up to date input. Donna chalked a hopscotch pitch? on the slabs which 
brought back memories. The weather is still good enough to enjoy the outside.
Ada Mary and Renee

David has a go at skipping.

Edna has a go at the yo yo.

Iris and yo yo

Jill and Iris have a go at hopscotch.