Saturday 7 September 2013

Another Sunny Market Day

It took a bit of getting out the door but once we did we had a great time on Thursday, browsing among the bric-a brac. Instead of doing Movement to Music, Heather came and helped push a chair. A china doll caught Mary M's eye and Edna bought a very cute dog that does tricks. We had a rest on Millers Walk and put him on the pavement to perform and he kept us, as well as passers-by , entertained for a while. Ellen got her weekly pork pie at Papworths butchers and we bought some more for tea.


Ellen meets Charlotte (former carer) and her baby

Edna and her dog.

Georgie and Enid

Heather Iris Edna and dog.

John, Shona Mary and her doll and Joan F

A rest on Millers Walk