Thursday 28 August 2014

Art Class

Victoria got the paints out again for a fun morning. Andy is comfortable with a brush in hand as he used to be a painter and decorator, but has an artistic side too.

Andy and Mary M
Renee, Magda and Gwen

Nora and Mick C with Sam

Chat Club goes to the High Street

We went to the high street for chat club. Not literally though as the weather was pretty poor. Donna found various things in her cupboards that might have been worn or bought on an outing. The fox fur complete with the mouth (including tongue) as a clasp is a bit much for today's tastes!

Gwen , ready for some shopping, models the fox fur


Monday 25 August 2014

A Couple of other Photos.

John went to his daughter Liz's wedding. Sandy came in to accompany him. 

Ken came in to do the computer and looked up Lisburn in Ireland for Andy.

Chat Club

Jo Baldwin is away so Donna did a good job of standing in for Friday's 'Natterjack' session, (also known as Cognitive stimulation Therapy). After looking through the papers and finding stories of interest she also found a word game that got everyone thinking. Barbara Fitzpatrick was particularly good at it. Throwing a ball about is always fun too.


Ellen, Gwen, Donna and Magda

Gwen and Renee

Iris and Mick C in action.

Patrick on Piano

Patrick had a bit of a short session on Friday as we had a staff meeting but Magda still had time to sketch him at the piano. Sam has been coming in to help during the school holidays and had a go at flower arranging.

Magda with her sketch of Patrick playing the piano

Patrick playing the piano.

Sam and Poppy admire Sam's flower arranging.

Movement to Music

Heather's back for her Movement to Music sessions. Lots of noise and laughter.

Derrick and Mary

Magda, Gwen ,Heather

Magda, Gwen and Renee

Iris, Mary C and Bill and Magda

Friday 15 August 2014

A few Moments

The camera has been out a lot this week. As well as the organised activities it also picked up some happy moments. Below are just a few of the photos.


Mary C and Iris

Poppy and Mary M.

John Harris on Piano

John Harris came on Monday afternoon for an interactive session on the piano. He does a very good job of involving the audience not only through playing requests and sing-a-longs, but also by getting us to think of tunes that are connected. For instance we had songs with colours in - Blue Moon, Green Green Grass of Home, Tie a Yellow Ribbon etc, etc.

Barbara, Poppy and John

Mick, Nora, Iris and Angela

Rosa and John

The Audience

Ken does Countdown

The computer has a very good Countdown game on it complete with the music when the time is running out. Renee does a lot of crosswords and is probably the star but we do come up with some funny words.

Nas does Chat Club

Donna has had a week off and the staff have been doing a great job of organising alternative activities. Nas did his bit on Thursday by organising a chat club, looking through the newspaper for things of interest. In the afternoon his brother brought in their puppy Jakey for a visit. Jakey is very sweet. 
Nas, Ellen and Jakey

John,  Nas' brother and Jakey

Joan F and Nas

Nas does Chat Club

Pictionary with Victoria and Emma

Victoria and Emma got the flip chart out for a game of Pictionary. 
Pictionary contestants

Magda and Lauren

Mary M and Emma

Victoria starts us off.

Arts and Crafts

We have a very talented artist come to stay for a while. As well as joining in Victoria's art group Magda always has a sketch pad to hand and does very good likenesses of the residents and staff.

Victoria's art group in action.

Magda Sketching Mary C

Magda and Renee

Mary C and Lauren doing Autumn leaves

Saturday 2 August 2014

Commonwealth Games

With the Commonwealth games in the news and the weather still good, we thought we'd have our own version. 

Andy won the gold medal.

Gold medal went to Andy, Derrick and George watch

Mary C in action

Mary M in action

Mick C in action

Poppy in action


Derrick's Birthday

It was Derrick's Birthday on Tuesday and since it was another sunny day we spent the morning outside. Singer Stacy Collins came to make it a good party in the afternoon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Derrick.

Poppy and Ada

Andy, Barbara and Gwen enjoy a choc-ice

Rosa, Derrick and cake

Derrick with an ice cream nose..

Mary C and Mary M

Poppy and her sister.

Stacy, Mary and Derrick singing