Wednesday 28 December 2011

Christmas Eve Carols and who is that man?

On Christmas eve John Harris came and played carols for us on the piano. It's the 14th year that he's been coming so it's quite a tradition now and it is a really enjoyable occasion with everyone singing along and then enjoying sherry and mince pies. This year we had the added and unexpected treat of Rita's daughter playing along on the flute. Father Christmas put in an appearance with presents for everyone kindly bought by the elves (staff!). Sometimes we worry that Father Christmas might be a bit childish but it is certainly fun and brings a lot of smiles so never mind.  He will be investing in a new hat for next year.

The Christmas Party

As usual the Christmas party was great fun with lots of friends and relatives coming too. It was actually quite a squeeze with a few jokes about building extensions etc.-maybe next year.....! Patsy Rose entertained and was her usual professional self and despite a cold soldiered on. Thanks to everyone who helped and joined in the merriment, and to the cooks who put on a splendid buffet tea.

Friday 16 December 2011

Panto Time

We borrowed the bus to go to the community centre to watch the Fadlos panto, Cinderella. Thanks to everyone who came and helped.

School Children sing for Christam

We've had both the Infant school and the Junior school come and entertain us with their Christmas songs. There were 30 juniors which was a bit of a crowd for us but we all squeezed in.

Christmas Flowers

Rita, our 'lady gardener', came in to do some flower arranging with us. It will be good to have some flowers for the Christmas party. She also did the lovely wreath on the car park door.

Christmas Tree Festival at the Church

We had a good turnout to visit the Christmas trees. The trees were better than ever this year but it was crowded.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Tiddly Winks

Reg and Harry enjoyed a game of tiddlywinks when Donna and Frances hunted through the games cupboard. Dominoes, ludo and lexicon, an old card game, also featured.

Bowling Again

We went next door again to enjoy some 10 pin bowling. We're getting better at it and had several strikes. Doreen and Rene came joint first. They had a play off and still got the same number of pins down so we called it a draw.

Christmas Pud

Donna and Ashleigh, one of our new apprentice carers, got a team of cooks organised to weigh out the ingredients and then have a good stir of the pud. Health and safety meant no sixpences but lots of wishes were made.