Sunday 28 February 2010


We are very pleased to welcome David Maufe to Albany House. We hope you enjoy being with us.

Snowdrops Outing

Our first outing of the year took us to Walsingham to to see the snowdrops. We timed it well as they looked to be in full bloom. The weather was kind to us - not sunny but at least milder than we've been used to recently. To extend the trip we crossed the ford at Little Walsingham and then went on to Wells. We spent a few moments on the quay looking at the boats and then headed for home.

Jewellery Workshop

The jewellery workshop was a great success. It was quite fiddly work but the residents produced some fine bracelets. The beads are magnetic so that they cling together on the wrist without a catch. Pictured are a few of the proud jewellers!

Saturday 20 February 2010

Chinese New Year

Donna brought in a selection of Chinese snacks and some chopsticks and we had a laugh with Chinese horoscopes. Betty's year is the dog so we did a lot of barking, Monica's a monkey - Betty's pictured being a monkey and Olive had everyone in stitches with her cock a doodle do as she's a Rooster!

Pancake Day

Pancake day brought out some talented pancake tossers! Next year we'll get the staff to race down the corridor....

Nobody had plans for giving up anything for lent though.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Hello and Goodbye

We are sorry to report that Marion Lord has passed away.

We are happy to welcome Kenneth Philbrick to Albany House, who has joined us from Cranmer House.

Wednesday 10 February 2010


Two ladies and their flutes came and gave us a very professional concert in the big lounge. They then went round the bedrooms of those who couldn't get down and played a piece to everyone that wanted to hear one.

John Harris - Piano man!

John Harris came to play the piano for us. His repertoire is amazing and he can play most things by ear. (This is one of many talents as he can speak no end of languages too!) A special request from Sylvia was The Blue Danube that went down very well.

Gradeners at Work

We're getting ready for the summer and overhauling the garden. We've started on the bit along the road side and will do the rest once the builders have moved on. Donna's friend Rita and Nick have been putting in sleepers which will give a good edge to the border and allow us to put in more compost as it's very dry in the summer. Plans are for fragrant roses, colourful grasses and ornamental trees with a good scattering of bulbs. Once the builders' hut has gone we will put in a proper raised bed so that everyone can get their hands dirty.

Friday 5 February 2010

Flower Arranging with Jane

Jane organised a flower arranging session and Betty H., Monica, Edna and Dorothy made their own arrangement. These will be displayed either in the lounges or dining room.

Sticky Business

It's the marmalade season again and Donna, helped by Heather got a cooking crew together to chop, shred and squeeze the oranges. After warning everyone to be careful Donna managed to cut herself!