Wednesday 26 December 2012

Santa Claus is coming to Town

For Christmas Eve our usual Carol accompanying piano-player John Harris was unavailable so we made our own entertainment, firstly with a karaoke machine but when that didn't work too well we sang carols acapella. We've had plenty of practice this year with the Salvation Army starting us off at Woodspring House and then going to the candlelit carol service at the church on Sunday evening. 

Santa Claus came with presents afterwards and OK, so it's a bit childish, but it's still fun and an excuse for a laugh.

Mary and Santa

Santa Barbara 

I saw Doreen kissing  Santa Claus......

Santa Derek and Doreen

Santa Joan and Geoffrey

Party Time!

It might have been a dull day outside but inside the aroma of mulled wine helped get everyone in a festive mood for the Christmas party. Our favourite Christmas party entertainer Patsy Rose played everyone's old favourites from My Boy Lollipop to the Hokey Cokey, and a rousing Auld Lang Syne to finish. 

Doreen B's great-granddaughter won the Pass the parcel. The prize was a cuddly toy so it was much loved and found a great home.

After the music we drew the raffle and then had a wonderful buffet tea. Thanks to Pearl, Jennifer, Pat and Shaun for that. Thanks also to all the staff who joined in and helped and to all the friends and family who came and made it a really fun occasion.

Ian, Daughter Julie and Betty

Derek with wife Nancy and son Gary

Doreen B's  Great-granddaughter and Cuddly Prize

Doreen and Son

Edith and George

Emma and hat

Margaret, Eve and Son John

Iris and daughter Gill

Gordon and wife Patricia

Gwendolen and Jack and Rose

Happy Staff!

Ellen cuddling Heather

Larry and daughter Sally

, Mary and daughter Louisa

Mick with Heather

Mick and wife Judy


Renne Di  and Family

Sunday 23 December 2012

Christmas Flower Arranging

Rita the Lady Gardener, brought in flowers and foliage for a Christmas flower arranging session. This included making table decorations and a wreath for the door.

Renee, Derek, Iris and Eve in the jungle.

 John and Mary Inspect their creation

The Table Decorations in action

Renee and Derek


Ellen and Rita

Welcome to Geoffrey and Joan

We would like to offer a warm welcome to Geoffrey and Joan Fozard who have recently joined us. It is special to have a married couple and we hope they will be very happy at Woodspring House.

Making Christmas Pudding

Making the pudding was an opportunity to get weighing, whisking, and stirring as well as having fun.  Everyone had a chance to make a wish and have a stir. Gordon had the important job of polishing off the Guinness that was left over.



Gordon and Guinness



Mrs Carter plays carols on Piano

Mrs Carter came and played carols on the piano for us. Carols are one of those things that stay with you and the choir really got into their singing.

Reverend Bell also came in to do a Christmas service on Friday afternoon and we'll take a small party to the candlelit carol service at the Church on Sunday.

Goodbye Reg

We are sorry to report that Reg has passed away after many years association with Woodspring House. He was a regular visitor when his wife Mary was with us and then decided to join us when he came to need care.  Our thoughts are with his family.

Arts and Crafts

Vikki has been doing a great job getting everyone organised and motivated making decorations for Christmas. Derek's wife Nancy and Doreen's son Howard gave us a hand. Lots of the finished work can be seen in the dining room.

Derek, Nancy and Renee


Doreen and Howard

St Andrews Day Richard the Piper

This photo of Richard the piper and Gordon was taken on St Andrew's Day, which was a while ago now, but the photo was hiding in the depths of Donna's phone. So here it is better late than never....

Richard the piper and Gordon

Richard will be back by popular demand on New Year's Eve.

The Fakenham Juniors entertain (The Supersingers)

Following on from the infants we've had Fakenham Supersingers visit from the junior school, providing more infectious excitement for Christmas time. Vimala and Julie took to the dance floor to keep the troops entertained while they were waiting.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Infant School Entertains

It's that wonderful time of year again, when we get visits from the schools to share their Christmas songs and also their enthusiasm for Christmas. First visit was from the infant school and they were very confident and tuneful. Larry usually can't resist a dance if there's any music but he did manage to sit and watch for a few songs. Thanks to Jenny, Vicky and Kayleigh for getting the decorations done and Shaun for baking cakes.

Icing the Chistmas Cake

We've been busy icing the Christmas cake and making homemade decorations for it. Mick's wife Judy came and helped. Renee did lots of rolling out and cutting out of marzipan Christmas Trees and Amy made a penguin and a snowman to go on the top. Donna got carried away making red baubles. 
Amy and Ellen

The Finished Article
Renee and Iris

Mick and Judy

Mick Judy Mary

Judy Mary