Saturday 29 August 2015

Joan's Birthday

It was Joan's birthday and Jayne Parker came to entertain in the guise of Abba. Whilst Abba is much more modern than a lot of the music we listen to, it really gets the party going with lots of smiles and dancing. Not only does Jayne dress the part and  have a beautiful voice she is also a wonderfully warm  person too.

Happy Birthday Joan.

Thursday 20 August 2015

Chat Club

In line with the theme of holidays and travel, Donna dug out her old cameras. In stark contrast we've just bought an ipad for the home which is great for taking photos and then sharing them with everyone instantly.

Jane and Ian

Renee and Gwynneth show how it's done.

Rubber Crumb

Tim has been working very hard in the garden, removing paving slabs and digging out to put in hardcore. This forms the base layer of our new 'rubber crumb' surface. This is slightly spongy yet firm and will be so much safer than the old concrete slabs. A handrail round the outside will make it safer still. All we need now is some hot weather so we can open the doors without getting complaints about the draft!

Movement to Music

Heather has been bringing in her grandchildren to help with movement to music and it has been a great success. This time she was also joined by Clue the dog who made herself at home. Mick C took charge.

Derrick, Mick and Clue the dog.


Jo brought in some everyday objects that you might have found, and in some cases still find, in the kitchen. The small ladle (gill?) for taking milk from the churn is probably not used much these days.

Chris and Gwen and gill

Gwyneth cutting imaginary pastry and Chris

Ian and Renee

Renne, Joe and Mary M

Mary M and Jane


Tim brought in some day old chicks that are on the way to Donna and his small holding. They certainly have the aaah factor and we didn't mention their destiny...Gwynneth was particularly taken with them as they reminded her of some good times when she lived in New Zealand.


Renee and Gwynneth