Sunday 15 June 2014


For Friday Club we did D Day. Donna brought in a CD of Churchill speeches and a gas mask and Jo brought in some books. We sang the Dad's army song which was fun. Talking about the war brought back lots of different memories.

Chinese Day

We had a Chinese day for no other reason than we thought it would be fun. We're going to 'do' a different country once a month. Dominic was in the kitchen and cooked up some sweet and sour chicken, Rita came in and did flower arranging on a Chinese theme and we got the chopsticks out to try and pick up prawn crackers.

Movement to Music

Heather had extra help as her daughter Rachel came to help. Sam was there too to lend a hand.

Malachi's Back

The wonderful Malachi came to wake us all up with his saxophone. He's brilliant at getting everyone to join in. David took on the role of conductor.

Renes Birthday

We had something a bit different for Rene's Birthday. The Frantic Theatre Company put on a one man show based around old time music hall songs and dance. It lived up to its name with non-stop action and costume changes. The sing-a-long songs were probably the best bit. The staff were doing training but found time to watch a bit.

Wednesday 4 June 2014


Instead of Chat Club we popped next door to the bowling alley. Renee was top scorer and won a skittle (pin), kindly donated by Mr Kirby. We've written her name on it and we'll look after it and use it for future tournaments.

Will it, wont it?

David in action with Lauren assisting.

Derrick gets a strike.

Ellen in action

Gwen in action

Iris in action

John in action

Mary C in action

Mary M in action

Mick C lines up assisted by Donna and Bill

Ellen. Iris Gwen and Renee take a break.