Wednesday 27 December 2017

Thursford Singers at Cranmer House

On this dark and wet day after Christmas, hopefully the beautiful singing of the Thursford singers will make you feel festive again. Woodspring House went to see them at Cranmer House a few days ago.

Monday 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas from the Woodspring House family!

Merry Christmas from the Woodspring House family! Here's a picture of our resident pussy (or more like puddy) cat, whose been eating too many mice pies by the looks of things, looking exceptionally happy about the festive day.

Sunday 24 December 2017

Thursford singers and a visit from the donkeys

On Friday we were invited to Cranmer House to hear the Thursford singers perform songs from the famous show for us. They were incredible, a snip bit of their performance will be uploaded soon. We very much hope that they will come to Woodspring House next year. And then in the afternoon Karen and David brought in their adorable donkeys, Maisie and Choccy. They were popular with some and less so with others, fortunately they created little mess in the brand new orangery!
Derrick with Choccy the donkey

 Patricia with Choccy

 Joan and Choccy

Phyllis and Choccy

Audrey and Choccy

Mike made a new friend in Choccy

 Group photo of Woodspring House and the Thursford singers

Pauline with Choccy the donkey

Choccy enjoyed all the attention

 Everybody joining in with the Thursford singers

After the performance the singers came over to chat to everyone

 Andrew and Victoria with two of the Thursford singers

 Another group photo with some of the staff and residents of Cranmer House too

Pauline chatting with the Thursford singers

 Having a chat

Thursday 21 December 2017

Residents Christmas Party!

Well what an evening we had on Sunday. The residents Christmas party took place in our brand new orangery and the added space made the whole event a joyous occasion. Everyone was up and dancing, the drink was flowing and the spread that the chefs made was incredible! There was pass the parcel and the raffle where we raised over £60 for the residents fund. Patsy Rose came and performed for us, which got everyone on the dance floor. As you'll see from the pictures everyone had a very merry time. Thank you to the staff, relatives and residents who came and made the night so special. Merry Christmas!

Audrey and her family 

The Hokey Cokey!

John unwrapping his pass the parcel

 Peggy and Michael

Andrew and Peggy with their daughter Jo

 Pauline and Rosa

 Eric with his family

John and Lisa

 Marjorie and Terry have a dance

Audrey with her family

 Poppy and her family

Gwyneth and Tim do the pasadoble

Ena with her daughter Susan

The chefs with the amazing spread they prepared for the party

Everyone, young and old on the dance

The amazing puddings

Ena and Susan

Gwyneth with her pass the parcel prize

The conga which went on......

and on.......

......and on!

Victoria and Andrew

Patsy Rose did a fantastic job on the night

John and Jasmin

Audrey with her son Brent on the dance floor

Tim and Gwyneth again

Irene and Lisa

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Flower ranging with Rita and Marjorie's birthday

Last week Rita, our gardener, came in to do flower ranging with the residents. It was a huge hit, and everyone who took part really enjoyed taking part. And the results were pretty impressive too! On the 13th of December was Marjorie's birthday, we got Jayne Martin in to perform for her, another success. Happy Birthday Marjorie!







 Flower ranging was a huge hit!

 Pauline at Marjorie's party

 Peggy and Joe

 Jayne Martin performing for Marjorie's birthday

 Marjorie getting her cake from Jasmine

Jayne Martin performing for Marjorie