Wednesday 25 July 2012

Ken Live in the Garden

Ken came to play guitar for us and we took advantage of the weather to sit in the garden. I tried to take a video which would have been good as Larry had his dancing shoes on but it didn't work, so photos will have to do. An ice cream helped keep us cool.


We took advantage of a beautiful day to wander down to the garden centre.  The walk was very pleasant, by the mill and along the river and then down Back Street in Hempton. We stopped and watched a young family feeding a huge flock of ducks near the village pond. There were lots of good things to see and smell at the garden centre and then we had refreshment in the cafe before the walk home. Larry bonded with a rabbit.

Next week, weather permitting, we'll take some bread to Goggs Mill and get our own flock of ducks.

Monday 23 July 2012

Woodspring Choir in Action

Heather de Lyon got us all singing again. Whilst Frank Sinatra was all very well, most of us didn't know the words and reading from a sheet and all singing at the same time, in time was tricky. However as you will see from the video, a song everyone of a certain age knows by heart, really reached the parts other tunes couldn't.

Friday 20 July 2012

Popping out to the Pub

For a change Donna thought it would be fun to have chat club in the pub. Since the Bull is only just across the road it was easy enough to get there and we took along some games to play too. We'll have to do it more often as it was a pleasant way to pass the morning. Renee's family and Harry's son joined us which was nice.

Sunday 15 July 2012


Heather de Lyon is now doing singing sessions. She brings in CD's of popular songs by people like Frank Sinatra and prints off the lyrics, so as well as listening to the songs, everyone sings them and then discusses the lyrics. Reg is a real crooner. Next week we're going to try and do a video of the choir in action and will post it here. Watch this space...


Dodging the showers we popped next door to do some bowling. We're lucky to have a bowling alley so close. While we got our bowling shoes on David's son James who is doing work experience and new weekend kitchen assistant Stacy put our names in the computer. There were 5 men and 5 women so the teams picked themselves with the women's team winning convincingly. Renee was top scorer and had a real treat when her family joined us with a baby great grandchild to cuddle.

Thanks to Heather and Carla who came to help.

Thursday 5 July 2012


It was Edna's birthday today and Michael and Helen Rushton came to entertain. They got a good crowd of dancers going helped on by a glass or two of fizz. We sang happy birthday and Edna blew out the candle on a spectacular looking cake. (Well done Pearl.) We tried to get Reg up to sing but he wasn't having any of it until right at the end when he did a great rendition of Slow Boat to China.


We had a brilliant turnout to cheer the torch through town. We found a good spot opposite the old post office where there's an overhang in case of rain (Good thinking Mike), but we didn't need it, or the improvised bin-bag waterproofs. Ken kept spirits up with rousing songs while we waited but it was just fun to soak up the atmosphere. 

The suspense built up with sponsors' vehicles coming through, flag sellers and lots of police motorcyclists until at last the torch came and went with lots of cheers and flag waving. We then came back via the market place and bumped into lots of people we know, including Keith the photographer who took some more pictures. 

Tuesday 3 July 2012

Staff News

We're sorry to report that Philip has left us. He was part time, doing mainly evening shifts after his day job as an ambulance driver. Also moving on is Lauren who was weekend kitchen assistant. We've been lucky to find Kayleigh and Michelle on the care side and more recently Martin and Carla have joined us. Kayleigh, Martin  and Carla are all experienced carers and Michelle is picking it up fast. Hannah, Julie's (housekeeper) daughter is now also an apprentice carer. We hope they will all be very happy at Woodspring House.

Following a review of the recent questionnaires sent to family and friends and discussions with the carers, we are looking to increase the staff to resident ratio to 1 carer for every 4 residents throughout the day. We feel this will help enable us to become the outstanding home we want to be. Should the worst happen and a carer rings in sick at short notice there will still be ample carers to provide a good service. 

Pussy's Back!

We've had an anxious few days as Joan's cat 'Pussy' had been absent without leave. She had been spotted with a gnarly old tabby cat that hangs about outside but then just turned up again in the cottage courtyard and is now happily back with Joan as if nothing had happened. She was a rescue cat and we assumed that she'd been 'done' but are now wondering if we might get some bundles of joy in 2 months time.... watch this space.

Sunday 1 July 2012

Harry's Birthday

Harry's had a double birthday treat this year. On the big day he went out for lunch with his family and then Ken and his guitar came to play. Keith, who is doing the new website photos came and took some snaps which we haven't got yet. 
The second part of the treat came a few days later when Donna arranged for Heather and Roger from Dance Devotion to come in to do a demonstration of ballroom dancing. (Harry used to be a keen dancer, winning medals.) The dancers did a demo then Doreen, who ran a dance school in Harlow, and Howard did a good jive  and then the dancers did a bit more finishing with a waltz. After the professionals had finished the amateurs had a go! Harry's Mike took the photos as Donna was busy strutting her stuff!

Elderflower Champagne

It's that time of year again when the subtle lemony scent of elderflowers wafts through the home. I think Renee has got lemon juice in her eye and Barbara's looking very relaxed about it all.