Thursday 24 April 2014

Doreen's Birthday and Easter Day

It was a double celebration being Doreen's birthday and Easter Day. Although we're more used to seeing her at Christmas time, Patsy Rose came to entertain with her usual mix of great songs to sing along and dance to. It was another excuse to get the Easter Bonnets out too.




Bill and Mary Cross


Tanya and Derrick

Joan and Nora

Howard and Doreen

Heather and Ada


Gaynor, Poppy, John, Renee dancing.

Mick W and Judy

Mary M

John and Nicole

Mick C , Nora and Iris

Patsy Rose

Mick W, Judy and Poppy

Easter Bunny Visits

On Easter Saturday the Easter Bunny put in an appearance and distributed Easter Eggs. The bunny was very popular and just about everyone wanted a cuddle. The bunnies identity is a mystery although strangely Gaynor was nowhere to be found. 

Reverend Bell came and did an Easter service on Thursday.

Ada and Bunny

Barbara Fox (Watch out Bunny!)

Bunny and Derrick

Bunny and Friends

Ellen and Bunny

Herbert Bunny and egg

Iris and Bunny

Jessie and Bunny

Mary M and Bunny

Mary P and Bunny

Mick and Bunny

Nicole Victoria and Bunny

Renee and Bunny

Tessa and Bunny

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Friday Club

Jo Baldwin came and did her weekly session on Friday. As well as the regular Cognitive Stimulation Therapy orientation exercises, (date, time, place etc) she also got the ball out which is always fun.

Film Time

Vicky is organising weekly film shows, showing old movies from the past and making it an event with popcorn and icecream. This week's film will be Easter Parade.
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Our wonderful relief cook Dominic also has a business making a selling pizzas with a portable wood-fired pizza oven. He very kindly came in to show us all how it's done and everyone had the opportunity to make their own pizza for lunch choosing the topping from a good selection. We set up the oven just outside the dining room and it's surprisingly quick to cook a pizza in it. Pearl continued the Italian theme and made a delicious tiramisu for pudding.

Dominic dishes out the tomato sauce.

Gill and |\iris admiring their handiwork.

Iris, Mary M and Ellen

Kaleigh and Nas lend a hand

Waiting for lunch.

In full swing

Derrick, Nas and Kaleigh make their own lunch.

Nearly there.

Thursday 3 April 2014

Easter Bonnets

Making Easter bonnets is always lots of fun but this year they seem even more flamboyant than usual, giving rise to lots of laughs and merriment. Thanks to Vicky and Nas for organising it.

Derrick keeps it simple with understated elegance.

Mary C looking good

Mary M, Pippa and John

Mary M on parade.

Renee and Vicky

Vicky gets organised.

Simnel Cake

Chat Club got cooking for Easter by making a simnel cake.
Gwen gets busy

Renee rolling

David Stirring

Mary M Mixing