Wednesday 31 July 2013

Chat Club at First Focus

We'd heard that there were going to be some hedgehogs visiting the First Focus day centre and so a few of us went along to see. (it's almost next door anyway). We had been misinformed as the hedgehogs are actually coming in August sometime, but we stopped for a chat, some strawberries and cream and a cup of coffee. Enid and Mary enjoyed playing a board game while Renee did a word search. John decided he didn't want to stay so Tim and David went with him window shopping around town.



Mary C


Monday 29 July 2013

Malachi and his Saxophone are Back

Malachi's back for his hols and offered to come in and play us some music. He has a real rapport with everyone and was particularly moved by Enid singing along beautifully to 'Somewhere over the Rainbow'.

Enid and Malachi

Iris Malachi

John and Joan

Malachi and Larry

Malachi Doreen and Mary

Mary Malachi Renee

Sandy and George

Wednesday 17 July 2013


We have been on one of our more ambitious outings on a cruiser on the broads. Sue, Nikki and Tim accompanied the intrepid residents to Horning. Getting there was an outing in itself but the journey went smoothly and once we had found the boat and were all satisfied that it wouldn't sink we soon boarded and got underway. We headed up river towards Wroxham, going past some very grand houses and boats before getting out into nature. We stopped off at Salhouse Broad for a picnic lunch and after lunch, right on cue the ice cream man turned up in his little boat complete with giant cone on the front. We were very lucky with the glorious weather and it was pleasantly breezy on the water so we were surprised how hot it was when we got back to land and the bus. Special thanks to Sue and Nikki for their caring and enthusiasm and Pearl for the wonderful picnic and also to Phil and Bernard the crew of the boat who were brilliant. All in all a wonderful day.

Enid Renee and Mick walk up the gangplank


The Ice cream man


John Enid and sailing boat in the background.

John and Enid

Mary C


All on board

Setting Off

Sue, Phil and Renee

The Girls - Ellen, Renee and Joan S

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Coffee at Honeys

Sue popped in on her day off and asked if anyone wanted to go in to town for a coffee. There were too many takers for one person so she asked Tim to come too. We stopped off at Honey's Coffee bar on Miller's Walk and had a relaxing time watching the people passing by while we sipped our drinks. Ellen made friends with a long haired dachshund. Night carer Maria  stopped for a chat and John's daughter Liz, who works at Honey's, his grandaughter and his great grandson were all there at the same time.
Ellen and Friend

4 generations of John's Family

Mary C and John

Mick and Mary M

The Team

Sunday 14 July 2013

Out and About in the Sunshine

We decided to make the most of the good weather and went to feed the ducks at Gogg's Mill. It was a pleasant walk up through the town centre and then down the path to the river. We were resting and feeding the ducks when Ellen's contemporary Ken and his dog Jinx passed by and stopped for a chat. Ellen is 2 months older than Ken and they went through primary school together and grew up together. 

We were aiming for some light refreshment at Hempton Bell and stopped to feed some more ducks at Hempton Pond. Unfortunately the pub was closed so we had to save our thirst and wait for a cold drink when we got home.
Ready for the Off

Donna Renee and Enid

At Gogg's Mill

Edna and Mary M

Ken and John

Mary C

Donna Jinx Edna and Mary

Kayleigh and John

Iris and Vimala

At Hempton Pond

Music in the Garden

We were sitting outside in the garden enjoying the sunshine when Ken turned up with his new guitar to entertain us. A good afternoon got even better when Donna got the ice cream out.

Tim tries out Ken's new guitar

Joan F and daughter Janice

Iris and Mick


Wednesday 3 July 2013

Bowling Next Door

It's been a while since we've been bowling. We should go more often as it's only next door and it was a lot of fun. Mary M and Mick were neck and neck for top scorer but Mary won it with her last ball. Rather a lot of photos..

David and Donna get down to it
The 2 Marys

Donna Enid and Georgie

Donna Joan S and |Heather

Enid and Ellen

Heather and Mick

Heather and Edna

Jenny and Iris

Joan F and Heather

Donna Hilary and Jenny

Mary and Renee

Nice shoes Ellen

Sue and John

On the way home.

The suspense shows! Iris and Donna