Thursday 29 May 2014

Mary C's Brithday

Helen and Michael know how to put on a good show and soon had everyone in the party mood for Mary's birthday. The photos can do the talking:
Mary, husband  Bill and Cake

Carolina throws a shape!

David and Gwen

Ada and Haydon

Suzy Iris and Howard

Iris, Mary M and Jusy


Bill and Mary

Helen and Michael

Mick W and wife Judy

Edna and Poppy

Tanya and Mary M

Movement to Music, Friday Club and Patrick on Piano

There's a few photos from Last week's regular activities.

Patrick On Piano:

Friday Club with Jo:

Movement to Music
Haydon Tessa, Mick C and Derrick

Renee with scarf hiding David and John.

A Busy Time

We've had a busy couple of weeks but haven't been very good at photos or updating the news - apologies. As well as the regular activities we've also been on the bus to see the rhododendrons at Sandringham and we were planning to go out again this week to movement to music Heather's house in Morston. The weather has postponed this. Following a residents' meeting on Tuesday we're now planning outings to Pensthorpe and Muckleburgh War Museum. These will need plenty of helpers so we'll be publicising them them nearer the time.

Last week also saw a CQC inspection. She spent one and a half days with us and we've just received a draft report which is very complimentary about the care that she observed. There are a few black marks which is disappointing and these are to do with record keeping, training and auditing the care. She acknowleged that Gaynor hadn't had long to make her mark, however the issues raised are relatively easy to put right. The main thing from our point of view is that she thought that the staff and care are good.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Not quite movement to Music

Heather is away so Donna took over very ably. As well as the usual gentle exercises to music she also got the parachute out which is always fun. The beanbag game gave an opportunity for mental exercise adding up the scores. A nice surprise was a visit from David's daughter Holly and his grandson too.

Renne, David, Holly and son and Tessa

Tessa in action.

Derrick in action

Maths teacher Donna with Iris, Mary M and Ellen

David ready for action

Renee and David

Chat Club does dressing up.

Donna has a collection of old clothes from yesteryear, from top hats, nylon stockings, and even an early sixties bikini. There was lots of opportunity for posing, laughing and conversation about the clothes. The fox furs happily stayed in the suitcase this time.



Bonjour Iris



Mary M

Saturday 3 May 2014

Movement to Music and Friday Club

Heather is back for Movement to Music, (Donna has been standing in). It is the usual mix of good music and gentle exercise.

Tessa, David, Renee and John



Mary M

John posing.

Jo Baldwin came for Friday Club and brought in lots of tasty fruit. Everyone tasted the individual fruits before Jo combined them all into a delicious fruit salad. The session ended with a rousing song.

John, Renee, Iris and Tessa

Tessa tries the fruit.

Jo and Renee

Mick W, Carolina and Heather

Mick C's Birthday

It was Mick Carnell's birthday on Tuesday and Paul Denny came to entertain and get the party started. Unfortunately we'd eaten the homemade cake for tea the night before (oops...) so had to pop out and buy one.

Happy Birthday Mick.

Nora, Mick and Iris