Wednesday 29 June 2016

All Aboard the train

Most summers we take the train from Holt to Sheringham, have a picnic lunch there and then take the train back again. This year was no exception. It was a good day and the weather was kind.

Thanks to the Age Concern bus and Adrian the driver, the North Norfolk Railway, Sophie and Lin in the kitchen for making the picnic and of course to all the staff and friends who came and helped.

Adrian and Gwyneth

Chris and Mike

Adrian, Chris, Gwyneth and Renee

Derrick and Donna

Ian with the Guard's hat on

Joan M

Mike and June



Mary and Trevor

Renee and Adrian

Magda and Ian

Happy Birthday June

Barry Osben came and entertained for June's Birthday. Half way through he disappears and reappears as Elvis. Lots of fun and laughter.



Elvis and Emma

Elvis, Magda and Patricia

Elvis and Renee

Elvis, Victoria and Emma

Elvis and Victoria

Emma, June and Cake

Phyllis and Emma

Gwyneth, Magda and Elvis

Joe and Peggy


Mile and June

Norman sings along.

Zen Arts

Zen arts is gentle movement to music with various props and the enthusiasm of Xenoula to make it fun.

Meg, Poppy and Xenoula

Poppy and Xenoula

Xenoula, Greta and Carolina

Xenoula, Carolina, Emma and Derrick

Happy Birthday Gwyneth

It was Gwyneth's birthday over the weekend and her son John and family made the trip bringing a beautiful cake with them. Helen and Michael entertained. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GWYNETH.

Overwhelmed by cake

Gwyneth and her grandchildren.

Helen and Michael

Joe and Peggy

Saturday 18 June 2016

Happy Birthday Magda

Billy Bryant came and played the piano for Magda's birthday and gave the piano a good work-out. He brought sheets with the words on so we could sing along. Happy Birthday Magda.

Billy, Lisa, Greta and Joan M

Renee on the Prosecco

Magda and Cake, Peggy, Mary M and Alice

Joan and Billy

Out and About

On Thursday we made the most of a sunny day and had a look  round the market. 
Gwyneth, Heather and John

Magda and Colette

Derrick, Carolina and a framed bug.

Derrick, Carolina, Donna and Jo

What have you bought?


Gwyneth and purchase

Magda, Colette and John nearly home

Reg, Tim, Heather, Gwyneth and Magda

Toni our relief kitchen assistant and her new baby and John

Colette  and John

Monday 6 June 2016


We held a barbecue to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. Banjoman entertained brilliantly as ever. After the last week of cold winds it was warm enough to have all the doors open and enjoy the fresh air although the sun only managed to get through just as we were packing up. The garden now has a fetching blue hand-rail around it.

Donna had found some Royal masks which made you look twice.

Thanks to everyone that helped, Gaynor's Pete for doing the cooking and everyone who came and joined us.

Banjoman in action

Erin and Joe
Prince Charles (Joe) and the Queen (Tessa)
Gaynor and Jeff

Glenda and Renee

Heather, Gaynor and Gwyneth

Howard, Norman and Victoria

Howard and Norman on 'air Banjo'

Cheers Ian

Karen, Greta and Ian

Magda and Tessa

Nora and Judy

Pete in action