Monday 6 June 2016


We held a barbecue to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday. Banjoman entertained brilliantly as ever. After the last week of cold winds it was warm enough to have all the doors open and enjoy the fresh air although the sun only managed to get through just as we were packing up. The garden now has a fetching blue hand-rail around it.

Donna had found some Royal masks which made you look twice.

Thanks to everyone that helped, Gaynor's Pete for doing the cooking and everyone who came and joined us.

Banjoman in action

Erin and Joe
Prince Charles (Joe) and the Queen (Tessa)
Gaynor and Jeff

Glenda and Renee

Heather, Gaynor and Gwyneth

Howard, Norman and Victoria

Howard and Norman on 'air Banjo'

Cheers Ian

Karen, Greta and Ian

Magda and Tessa

Nora and Judy

Pete in action