Monday 17 October 2016

Movement to Music

Heather got the hoops out in her weekly Movement to Music session. 




Mary C


Harvest Festival

The Salvation Army kindly organised a harvest service for us and we sang the good old harvest hymns. Our harvest plaque and some produce was on display.

Donna had warmed everyone to the theme in the morning by talking about various apples with an apple tasting session and then we had a guess the vegetable quiz with items from Tim's garden. The quince fooled everyone. A glass of elder flower champagne that we'd made in the summer rounded off the session and was actually very tasty.

Our Harvest Plaque and produce

Guess the vegetable

Renee and leek

Out and About

We thought we were going to the flower festival in the Church but it had finished the day before - oh dear! We decided to have a wander about town anyway and ended up in Sweets and Things. They sell all sorts of sweets, a lot of them that haven't changed since the good old days.  Derrick found some diabetic ones which was good. The glass jars are now plastic which is a bit sad.

We then had a browse around the pound shop where Woolies used to be.

Saturday 1 October 2016

Up the market

It was a normal Thursday movement to music session and Renee said 'It's a lovely sunny day what are we sitting inside for?' With no more ado we decided she was right and went up the market to have a look around. Magda found a fluffy hat (or it might have been a tea cosy).

Magda, Gwyneth, Deanne and Derrick

Derrick checks out the old tools

Cranmer House Coffee Morning

Cranmer House rang and invited us to their coffee morning in aid of Macmillan nurses. A small group of us went up in cars and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.
There's some photos of Donna, Magda and Lisa in the Fakenham and Wells Times (if you can access them- scroll through) here:

Chris and Gaynor

Gwyneth, Renee ,Chris (thankyou!) and Gaynor

Derrick, Chris and Magda

Chris and Derrick look at the organ outside.

Derrick, Chris, Ian, Lisa and Magda

Harvest Time

It's about that time of year and we decided to bake a harvest plaque again. Lots of weighing, mixing, kneading, rolling and plaiting. A final wash with beaten egg to make it nice, shiny and brown and it went in the oven.

We haven't got a photo of the finished article to hand but it looks very good.
Donna and Derrick

Nearly ready for the oven.

June gets kneading.

Busy kneading.

Magda, Gwyneth, Renee and Chris


We had a CQC inspection about 4 weeks ago now. The report is now available at:

We are very pleased to say that they agree with us and think it's a GOOD home.

A Kitten Visits

Heather very kindly brought her kitten Misty in for a visit. Nearly everyone enjoyed a cuddle or a stroke. Quite what Misty made of it all is not clear . She was very well behaved though.




Heather, Misty and John