Thursday 23 May 2013

Arts and Crafts with Vicky

Vicky got out the paints for an afternoon session of arts and crafts. Kayleigh was her able assistant.


Irs and Kayleigh

Renee and Enid 

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Friday Club plays Bingo

Jo Baldwin came to do Friday Club (also known as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy). As well as the usual activities we played Bingo. Iris and Ellen were joint winners and won a bar of chocolate.
The winners Iris and Ellen (John sorting the music)

Jo gets Mick Iris and Mary organised

Ruby Visits

Ruby the dog came for her first visit since having a very smart trim. She found a chocolate bourbon biscuit beside Joan's chair and a digestive in the bin, so was quite happy. It's a pity she's quite so interested in her stomach as it means she's less interested in being a pat dog.

Dick checks Ruby's new haircut.

Making Muffins

Chat club got cooking. Ably assisted by Georgie and Nigel, Donna got the ingredients together and we got weighing, mashing bananas, beating eggs and making the mixture before filling the muffin cases. The finished articles were quite impressive too and went down well at tea time.
Ada Inspects the scales

Ellen adds the banana assisted by Nigel

Gordon fills some cases assisted by Donna




Mary and Enid share a joke


Saturday 18 May 2013

Hula Hula

Heather came to do movement to music and amongst other things got out the hoops. They're a bit small for hula hoops but we had a go and got the movement anyway and also had fun spinning them and rolling them.
Edna in action




Sue and Mary

Tim in action.

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Gardening with Donna

The dining room isn't probably the best place for gardening but it wasn't a good day to be outside so we made do. Donna brought in some tomato plants, gladioli corns some anemones and lily of the valley bulbs and some big pots, a grow bag and some compost. Gloves were on offer for those that didn't want to get their hands dirty but Enid wasn't worried about a bit of soil on her fingers. Georgie came for the morning and was a great help. All the plants are in the cottage courtyard waiting for some warmth.

Enid gets her hands dirty.

Georgie and Iris getting busy.

Mary and Georgie firming the soil

Renee and Georgie


Friday 10 May 2013


Heather wasn't able to make it for movement to music today and we did have Music for Health yesterday, so Sue, ably assisted by Sam, got the ball and quoits out for some sitting down fun.

Afterwards Sue found the knitting equipment and got Renee and Ellen started.  Despite insisting that she couldn't do it Ellen did get into the swing of it and Renee's already half way to making a decent scarf. 

Ellen and Renee

Music For Health

Wendy Mears came to do another session of Music for Health. After going to the races the day before, we were perhaps a bit more subdued than usual but it was still good to listen to the music and join in when we felt like it. 

John and Wendy

Ellen and Nicole

Wednesday 8 May 2013

And They're Off...A day at the races.

We were blessed with a wonderful spring day for our afternoon at the races.  This was organised months ago following a Residents' Meeting. 

We arrived just in time to see the Dunston Harriers Hunt parade with their horses and hounds in their scarlet finery.

Donna and clerk to the course David Hunter had arranged a great spot with plenty of space for the bus and a picnic.

There was no big winners or losers although Lin seems to have a knack, or is it luck? George managed to come home 13p richer.

Renee had a good day as her daughter, granddaughter and great grandaughter were there. Barbara's niece Viv is the Racecourse Company Secretary and found time to come and say hello.

Karen Clark, who will be coming every week to do Massage came to meet us all and help.

A very big thank you to all the helpers who came and helped make  it a very special day. 

Barbara and Niece Viv

Dick , Gordon, Donna and Naz studying the horses in the collecting ring.

Dick and Naz

Doreen and Howard

Karen and Ellen

Lin John and Pearl at the bookies.

Pearl and Lin

Thundering hooves

Georgie and Enid
4 Generations of Renee's Family