Sunday 29 May 2016


It was Mary C's 90th Birthday on Wednesday. Jayne Martyn came and performed Motown classics. Mary's son Richard had brought in some fizz which helped get the party going. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARY.

Lots of photos...

Carolina and Greta

Carolina, Mary and Cake


Greta and Norman

Gwyneth and Tim

Gwyneth and Victoria

Jayne in action

Joan M and Julia

Joan F

John and Derrick

John and Julia

Victoria, Mary and Lamb

Meg and Terri

Poppy and Reg

Terri and Poppy

Carolina, Greta and Mary C

Movement to Music

It was a good session on Thursday and everyone joined in the action. Heather had some foam baton things which were a lot of fun and good for releasing any pent up frustrations.

Derrick and John

Gwyneth, Renee and her daughter Glenda

June and Mary C

Magda in action

Meg ready for action

Poppy and Sam

Chat Club Goes Picnicing

The theme for chat club was picnics. Donna found an old flask and a picnic basket and got together the ingredients for some sandwiches which we prepared. We did it the old fashioned way with a ;oaf that you had to cut. We decided what we needed to take, what to eat and where to go. The weather isn't quite up to picnicing yet although Sandringham is the popular choice for when the weather warms up. 
Gwyneth and Chris

Renee and Ian

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Movement to Music

Heather came for her weekly Movement to Music session  on Thursday. 

Joan M, Gwyneth and Emma

Renee and John



Billy came to entertain for Joan M's birthday. Happy Birthday Joan.

Billy on the MIc

Happy Birthday Joan

Outing on the Wensum

Another year and another enjoyable outing on the Waveney Stardust. This time we picked the boat up in Norwich instead of Horning so we got an interesting view of the city before heading out down the Wensum to the countryside. 

Captain Chris and crew. Ian, Gwyneth, Renee, Joan M and Terri

Heading off down river

John and Julia

Bill, John, Julia, Trevor and Mary P


Jayne Martin came in her Abba incarnation for Pyhllis' Birthday and really got the party going. 

Happy Birthday Phyllis.

Carolina and Mary M

Mary C

Phyllis and Barry

Julia and John

Carolina and Derrick


Gaynor, Phyllis and Cake

Jayne and Gwyneth

John and Charlie

Spring is Here

Donna brought in some beautiful seasonal flowers from the hedgerows and garden. It's that time of year when nature is really bursting forth.
Terri, Renee and Gwyneth examine a bluebell.

Gwyneth and Chris look at hawthorn flowers.

Joan M surrounded by blossoms.

Peggy, Terri and Joe smelling the hawthorn.

Meg seeing if she likes butter.


At last the weather is sometimes warm enough to sit outside. Gaynor's husband Peter is busy putting up a hand-rail around the front garden so we will soon be able to enjoy the new rubber surface there.

Renee, Chris and Gwyneth enjoy the sun.