Wednesday 14 July 2010


Storm and Logan are back from their recent sponsored climb up Snowdon. She organised a game of bing ably helpedby Eren, who has come to us for work experience. He'll now be able to put Bingo Caller on his C.V.!


Donna organised a game of quoits with Ada being the champion. She is pictured in action - please note the flying quoit in the picture.

Back in Action!

I would like to apologise to all followers of the blog for the extended abscence of new material. The longer days and less time on the computer in the evenings is largely to blame with a camera breakdown also adding to the lack of material to publish, but we're back!

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Welcome and Goodbye

We are pleased to welcome Anne Power who has come to stay with us for 2 weeks. We hope you will be very happy at Albany House.

On the staff front we welcome Mary, who will be working the evening shift. Coincidentally she helps the O'Dells, where we go to see the lambs, with their lambing.

We are sorry to report that John Mann has passed away. John was only with us for a short time but we got to know his family well and our thoughts are with them.

St George's Day Fair at the Church

On a beautiful sunny morning we walked up to the church to see what was on offer at their St George's day fair. It was also farmers' market day so there was plenty of interest on the way with wines and juices to sample as well as the smells and sights of the market. Fakenham Classic car club had some cars on display and Monica fancied a ride in a very smart Jaguar. We were amazed at quite how many people know Dick. On the way home we stopped to chat with some ex-racing greyhounds.

The Buskers

Donna heard some very good buskers on the street one market day and invited them to come and play at Albany House. Matt and Alex, known as Twisted Roots made a nice change from the usual music we often listen too as they played some great folky tunes on the fiddle and guitar.

Outing to See the Lambs

We took the bus to see the lambs at Lynn and John O'Dells farm at Tattersett. Lynn brought us an orphan lamb to say hello to everyone in the bus. This worried Pip the sheepdog a lot who would rounded us all up given the chance. We took the long route home, pottering slowly about the lanes to Rudham and then on to Raynham and home.

Friday 9 April 2010

Goodbye Ida

We are sorry to report that Ida Benson has passed away at the grand age of 103. Our thoughts are with her family.

Where did you get that hat?

A craft session with
Storm saw the creation of some wonderful Easter bonnets. These were brought out on parade on Easter Bank Holiday Monday, when Patsy Rose came to entertain. We had intended to have a competition but decided just to enjoy wearing them instead. Patsy played some great tunes to sing along and dance to. Walter, our newest resident, brought out his 'bones' and played along expertly. The rest of us did our bit with tambourines.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Comic Relief Mile

The Albany House Team of friends relatives staff and residents completed the Comic Relief Mile on Friday 19th March. It took quite an effort to muster everyone for the start but then we were off - up Bridge Street, through the Market Place, down the path to Goggs Mill where we fed the hordes of ducks and hens, past the Garden Centre and then to The Hempton Bell for a well earned rest and drink. Then it was down the river on the final stretch past Wensum Mill. Donna shook the bucket at anyone and everyone we met and sponsorship and well-wishers took the total to an impressive £154.49. A very warm thank you to everyone that helped and contributed to what was a fun and rewarding day.

Sunday 28 February 2010


We are very pleased to welcome David Maufe to Albany House. We hope you enjoy being with us.

Snowdrops Outing

Our first outing of the year took us to Walsingham to to see the snowdrops. We timed it well as they looked to be in full bloom. The weather was kind to us - not sunny but at least milder than we've been used to recently. To extend the trip we crossed the ford at Little Walsingham and then went on to Wells. We spent a few moments on the quay looking at the boats and then headed for home.

Jewellery Workshop

The jewellery workshop was a great success. It was quite fiddly work but the residents produced some fine bracelets. The beads are magnetic so that they cling together on the wrist without a catch. Pictured are a few of the proud jewellers!

Saturday 20 February 2010

Chinese New Year

Donna brought in a selection of Chinese snacks and some chopsticks and we had a laugh with Chinese horoscopes. Betty's year is the dog so we did a lot of barking, Monica's a monkey - Betty's pictured being a monkey and Olive had everyone in stitches with her cock a doodle do as she's a Rooster!

Pancake Day

Pancake day brought out some talented pancake tossers! Next year we'll get the staff to race down the corridor....

Nobody had plans for giving up anything for lent though.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Hello and Goodbye

We are sorry to report that Marion Lord has passed away.

We are happy to welcome Kenneth Philbrick to Albany House, who has joined us from Cranmer House.

Wednesday 10 February 2010


Two ladies and their flutes came and gave us a very professional concert in the big lounge. They then went round the bedrooms of those who couldn't get down and played a piece to everyone that wanted to hear one.

John Harris - Piano man!

John Harris came to play the piano for us. His repertoire is amazing and he can play most things by ear. (This is one of many talents as he can speak no end of languages too!) A special request from Sylvia was The Blue Danube that went down very well.

Gradeners at Work

We're getting ready for the summer and overhauling the garden. We've started on the bit along the road side and will do the rest once the builders have moved on. Donna's friend Rita and Nick have been putting in sleepers which will give a good edge to the border and allow us to put in more compost as it's very dry in the summer. Plans are for fragrant roses, colourful grasses and ornamental trees with a good scattering of bulbs. Once the builders' hut has gone we will put in a proper raised bed so that everyone can get their hands dirty.

Friday 5 February 2010

Flower Arranging with Jane

Jane organised a flower arranging session and Betty H., Monica, Edna and Dorothy made their own arrangement. These will be displayed either in the lounges or dining room.

Sticky Business

It's the marmalade season again and Donna, helped by Heather got a cooking crew together to chop, shred and squeeze the oranges. After warning everyone to be careful Donna managed to cut herself!

Sunday 31 January 2010

Forthcoming Events for February and March

We have the usual programme of events and activities which are advertised on the monthly 'What's On' chart available by the front door. The 'specials' that friends and relatives might like to come and enjoy are:


Tuesday 9th at 2.30- 2 ladies, Flutissimo, coming to play the flute.
Monday 22nd at 11 am - Jewellery workshop with Tina Coleman.


Friday 12th March - Air of Dignity, a perfume sampling event, with classic and modern fragrances. There are free samples but they will also be for sale if any one is interested
, (Mothering Sunday on the following Sunday) but absolutely no pressure!

Friday 19th March - Sport Relief - Staff, residents, friends and relatives welcome. We will be doing a sponsored mile walk through the town and down by the river with a stop for refreshments at Hempton Bell. Wheelchair pushers very welcome. Sponsorship forms available from Albany House.

Thursday 28 January 2010


We are sorry to report that Mary has passed away. Our thoughts are with Reg and his family.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Cool-Hand Monica

Storm and Logan the dog came today and got a card school together. They had a lot of fun and Monica was a natural. No cheating, though we think Sylvia had something up her sleeve, but then maybe that was a tissue.....

Logan is a 'pat' dog and comes every Wednesday morning to get fussed by the residents. Storm, as well as bringing Logan, has also been helping the residents to get scrap-books together and otherwise entertain.
Logan the Dog

Monday 25 January 2010

Burns Night

We celebrated Burns Night in style. In the morning Donna held a Scottish themed chat club. One guess for what Monica most associates with Scotland - Whisky!

After a lunch of haggis, skirlie mirlie (mashed potato and turnip with milk and butter) and bashed neeps, Gordon, our resident Scot, dressed very smartly for the occasion in his Mackenzie tartan. Ken also dressed for the occasion but in more of a light-hearted manner - more of a naughty schoolboy look! We sang Scottish songs and Ken sang and recited poetry, some of which needed translation by Gordon. Since we'd already eaten the haggis we 'piped in' some shortbread to go with a cup of tea.

Friday 22 January 2010

Building Work

At long last the first phase of the building work is nearing completion. It will be a real joy to have the conservatory and more lounge space available again and to be re-connected with the cottages. We will have to have a temporary covered link on the front of the building while we do the next phase of the job which is to build a new lift shaft where the staff office is at present and a dining room where the courtyard is. Anyone who has used our old lift will know that it's of an age and is not exactly as user -friendly as it could be.


We are very pleased to welcome Edna Walker to Albany House.

Friday 8 January 2010

Goodbye to good friends

It is with sadness that I have to report that Rosemary and Phyllis have passed away. They were both characters and will be missed by everyone at Albany. We wish their families well and we will also miss seeing them.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Christmas and New Year 09

Christmas and New Year 09

The build up to Christmas included baking the cake and making the pudding. Donna got things organised and with a little inspration from Delia the cake was made over 4 weeks. First the cake was made, then marzipanned, then iced and then decorated using coloured marzipan to create a beautiful poinsettia flower. Gordon, Olive and Betty H used the left over marzipan to make marzipan sweets, either for themselves or for presents.

Making the pudding included everyone having a stir and making a wish.

We went to the church for the famous Fakenham Christmas tree festival. It was quite a spectacle as ever and because we went on a Thursday we enjoyed seeing the market stalls on the way there and back.

Pearl, Peggy, Betty and Jennifer enjoy the Winter sun on Bridge Street

We were worried that, due to the building work we would be pushed for space at the residents' christmas party but the snowy weather meant a lot of people didn't make it. Luckily Patsy Rose and her guitar did manage to get there and we had a great time. As well as song and dance we had pass the parcel which for some unlucky people meant a forfeit. Pictured is Dorothy, really getting into the swing of things and acting like a monkey! Sylvia really enjoyed herself too.

On Christmas eve John Harris came as usual to play Carols on the piano. Father Christmas actually failed to make an appearance this year as he hadn't managed to organise presents for everyone in time. Never mind, better luck /organisation next year!

We forgot the camera on New Years eve but Tim and Donna came for the party and we gathered in the big lounge for music and games and a glass or two. The CD with Auld Langsyne on went wrong but we didn't need modern technology and managed to hold hands and give a good rendition anyway.

For some reasdon the camera decided to take this photo of Maria and Betty C in black and white.