Friday 21 March 2014

Sport Relief 2014

It took us a long time to get out of the door as we wrapped up warmly to face the stiff breeze but the sunshine made it a pleasant walk into town and then down the path to the river and Goggs mill. Ellen met her old friend walking his dog who was born in the same year as her 81 years ago. We'd met them 2 years ago more or less in the same spot.

We didn't spend too long feeding the ducks as the wind certainly was keen so we carried on to The Bell at Hempton. It's not exactly wheelchair friendly so most of us sat outside and swapped our usual cold drinks for teas and coffees which fortified us for the way back.

Kaleigh had brought her very sweet puppy along who was grateful to snuggle up to Enid.

A very big thanks to everyone who came and helped and made it such a success.

John, Ellen, her old friend and Sandy.

Enid cuddles up to a friend 

Lin and Enid

Pat and Iris. Hallelujah John.

Herbert meets Kaleigh's puppy.

Haydon and Barbara

John does the work while Donna has a rest. Derrick rides.

On your marks.

Outside the Bell.

Kaleigh and Joan. Ellen and Sandy ready for takeoff.

Team and ducks.

The 3 Marys and Clare and Pippa