Thursday 17 July 2014

Outing to Muckleborough War Museum

Our second outing in 2 weeks saw us heading for Muckleborough War museum near Weybourne. We didn't have the usual bus which threw us a bit to start with as this one had less seats and we had a lot of keen travelers. With a bit of Dunkirk spirit we managed to get everyone on board the bus and in Paul's and Donna's cars.

Navigator and pilot Tim took a wrong turn when we hit the coast road at Weybourne but eagle eyed spotters realised his mistake when we saw a bus heading in the opposite direction marked Wells and Muckleborough. The short detour did mean we got some great views of the sea and the beautiful countryside.

We met Mary P's husband Trevor and Heather and her 2 boys there. Mary's cousin took our entrance money which was a good welcome. The museum itself is perhaps an aquired taste as it is crammed full of countless different things to kill people with, but it did bring back memories for many, including Trevor who had worked on Bloodhound missiles during his time in The RAF. 

We didn't take many pictures as the layout had lots of twists and turns which made it difficult but a kind person took a group shot for us after our cup of tea in the cafe.

Renee, David and Mary M admire Wellington's horse

Time for Tea

We were there!

A very big thank you to everyone that helped - Nora, Trevor, Paul and Pam, Carlo, Heather and her boys and and last but definitely  not least, Kirsty and Lauren.