Thursday 10 July 2014

Tea at Heather's House

The weather had postponed 2 trips to Heather's for tea but it was third time lucky on Tuesday. Thunderstorms threatened as we were getting on the bus but they stayed away for a glorious afternoon out. On the way we had a brief detour to Blakeney Harbour, where the tide was coming in and there were lots of people about - crabbing, swimming and having fun. We opened the bus doors to get a smell of the sea and mud and hear the cries of the seagulls.  

Finding Heather's house was slightly problematic as we were relying on Paul's sat-nav that decided to have a blip but we soon found it and had a really warm welcome. Heather had drafted in friends and family to help and they were all so attentive, welcoming and friendly that we felt at home and relaxed in her beautiful garden. A magnificent tea was followed by introduction to the ponies and a tour of the garden and grounds. It really was a good day out. Thank you Heather, your wonderful friends and family and everyone who helped.
All the gang

Mary Derrick and George with a dog and John in conversation.

Edna, Renee and David

George and friends.

Heather and her magnificent cake.

Iris and Paul

Iris, Harry and pony.

John and friends.

John shows of his impressive footballing skills.

Mary C in George's hat.

Mary M

Mary P. and Angela, pony and friend.

Mick C., baby and pony

Mick C, Nora and Puppy

Picking gooseberries.

Renee picking gooseberries.